SIZE: 15cm x15cm

SUBJECT: A Black sheep trying to hide from the world, but as try as she might, it can not hide. In the end while trying to hide, its path conjuncts with similar black sheeps who have gone through same quest: to find a place to hide.

THESIS: This book was written and designed from scratch by me. In my design, I used some elements like sketch paper, canvas paper, illustration, magnifying glass, a x-ray... The size of my project is 15x15 cm square, indicating a box that the black sheep is trapped into.

The reason the sheep is black is that it is different from the other so called ‘normal’ white sheep because of its color. I rhymed the tale, making it a story for both children and adults.

This project was supposed to be personal in some way. There are also some fragments of my personal issues from the past: trying to fit in, trying to hide. Everyone wants to hide from the world from time to time. If you are different than others in any way, your job is really hard, especially if you are a teenager. If they don’t accept you as who you are, you try to hide or try doing your best to blend in but in the end if you can't, try to find people who, in a way that are similar to you, share the same issues and problems.





Black Sheep


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