SIZES: poster: 50cm x 70cm, invitation: 15cm x 15cm, newspaper ad: 15cm x 12cm, e-flyer: 15cm x 15cm, press release: A4

ABOUT: In this project, we were to create and design our own exhibition, an exhibition that would represent our works within a larger exhibition called “A Portion of Young Graphic Designers’ Lives/Works”

THESIS: The exhibition name I came up with is “My only difference is my difference!” amplifying that I am different than the rest of the “herd” with my core attraction, “the little black sheep”.

The main character in my mini-book, the black sheep, is actually the essence of me. Born into a country going through the process of westernization, one can easily sense my placement within traditional social norms and the newly developing surroundings within my book. That’s why I thought this little black sheep would represent me much better than my other works.

It’s the page, which the black sheep goes to hide in the city and thinks that she would blend in but she turns out not as inconspicuous as she hoped she would be. The city represents Istanbul, a metropolitan city where I moved to from Ankara- a smaller city, hoping to find people similar to me, just like the black sheep on her quest, moving from place to place to find a home that she feels comfortable with.

I used green in the design, for it to have correspondence between my previous portfolio design and my old personal business identity.




Black Sheep Poster


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