ARTIST STATEMENT: Photography is an opportunity for me to find things people ignore and bring them forward to make people reconsider their ideas. I am not interested in extraordinary things since they are always covered and receive more attention due to mankind's unending interest in celebrities, fame, sensation... I try to concentrate more on ordinary things and catch possible latent extraordinariness in regularity. It is easy to take ordinary photos of extraordinary things but more challenging to take extraordinary photos of ordinary things. It is possible to say I tend to concentrate on extracting some peculiarity out of the ordinary. I attempt to defamiliarize ordinariness, render it ambiguous by alienating it from its familiar context and finally make people to ‘see it afresh.’

Appreciated keywords: Hybrid, mediation, anonymous, praxis, perception, plurality, unexpected, evolution, as is, as such, deconstruct, odd rhythm, indeterminism, absorption, alternative, shift, adaptation, genuine, defamiliarization...

DESIGN CONCEPT: Distortion. Disturbance. Ambiguity. People... These are the main concept themes of the design.

When you open the book, the idea is to surprise readers by the unexpectedly smaller size of the inner sheets. Page width is very narrow which is almost hard to hold; also very ambiguous to the point that the eye wants to complete the void towards the bottom. This deliberately creates a little disturbance to the audience, while white rivers formed by the justified text make it hard to read. Intentional fragility of the thin sheets covered by a hard shell (60gr for inner sheets, 300 gr for cover) ties the design concept to the artist's statement.

Additionally, the wet signature of the artist on the front cover makes this book a more valuable asset to claim.






Murat Germen

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