The poster of 'Parsons Express' exhibition.

SIZE: Tabloid Size: 17" x 11" (43.2cm x 27.9cm).

THESIS: Most of the exhibition was all about the literacy campaign that we designed for NYC subway system. So, I turned this whole exhibition poster concept into a subway line, 'Parsons Express'.

New York is somewhere you are always in transit. I came up with the slogan when I thought about my constant rides with the subway: it was very accessible, and you could spot many different cultures and people through a single ride. Parsons the New School for Design too, have many students from different cultures and different countries. That is how 'Emerging Global Graphic Designers in Transit' slogan was born.

The square, which is tilted 90 degrees represent 'express lines' within the NYC subway system. The circled ones are regular subway lines. Thus, I used this tilted square symbol with Parsons' 'P', making it a 'P' express line: using the Parsons red.

I used New York subway's official font, Helvetica, to re-build the subway lines/stops in New York City and the 'P Express' sign. I also adjusted the italic
typo in metro card with the header.





parsons express


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