SIZE: 50cm x 70cm

ABOUT: Based on the novel by Perihan Mağden, İki Genç Kız (2 Girls), tells the story of Behiye and Handan, who come from two very different backgrounds. Behiye is an angry and rebellious university student, with little interest in education. She despises her conservative parents and abusive older brother. Handan is trapped in a love-hate relationship with her single mother, Leman. Leman is a beautiful woman, making her living through rich men. These two young women have a common goal: They both want to give new direction to their lives. When a mutual friend introduces Behiye and Handan, they immediately hit it off and embark on a secret plan to escape their dysfunctional families. The result is an intense relationship that encompasses all that is wonderful and tragic about youth.

THESIS: Generally, in Turkish movie posters, the star of the film is more emphised than the concept of the film. My purpose in this project was to break this common understanding and give the poster more meaning, a concept.

Two different poles attract each othe:, as with Handan and Behiye's friendship, I wanted to make a contrast by combining a converse with a high heeled shoe. Two different and unrelated things becoming one, combining to make a whole. Since it is a teenage film, there is certain dynamism. To give this feeling, I created freestyle calligraphy. In contrast for the rest typos, I used a sans-serif character, Futura, to give the feeling of syntactic relationship between youngsters. I used grayscale on the background: It is a bitter-sweet and a realistic movie thus; I used the black 'grayscale' in contrast to the 'pink' converse heeled shoe.






İki Genç Kız

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